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Biologie du Développement de Villefranche-sur-Mer

Lab publications


Buresi A, Croll RP, Tiozzo S, Bonnaud L, Baratte S. Emergence of sensory structures in the developing epidermis in Sepia officinalis and other coleoid cephalopods. J Comp Neurol 2014 Feb 18


Lauzon RJ, Brown C, Kerr L, Tiozzo S. Phagocyte dynamics in a highly regenerative urochordate: insights into development and host defense. Dev. Bio. 2013 15;374(2): 357-73.



Kaz Kawamura*, Stefano Tiozzo*, Lucia Manni*, Takeshi Sunanaga*, Paolo Burighel*, Anthony W. De Tomaso*. A harmony of lineage stringency and flexibility in ascidian germline cell development. Dev. Dyn. 2011 *equal contribution (pdf) (496 KB)

Ulrich Kuern*, Snjezana Rendulic*,Stefano Tiozzo*, Robert Lauzon. Asexual propagation and regeneration in colonial ascidians. In press Biol. Bull. 2011 *equal contribution.

Annette Hellbach, Stefano Tiozzo, Jungho Ohn, Michael Liebling, Anthony W. De Tomaso. Characterization of HCN2 and its cardiac function in a colonial ascidian. J. Exp. Zool. Part A 2011 (pdf) (3 MB)

Stefano Tiozzo - 25/09/17

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