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Biologie du Développement de Villefranche-sur-Mer

Transcriptome analyses of blastogenesis

We adopt an unbiased approach, which hopefully will provide an overall view of similarities and differences in gene expression between embryogenesis and blastogenesis (asexual development). The data obtained will constitute the basis for future studies focused on genes/molecular pathways of interest. This aim will be accomplished in collaboration with the group of Anthony De Tomaso (UCSB). The overall goal of this aims is to take a comprehensive approach to isolate differentially expressed genes and build transcriptional networks, then compare them in embryos, and asexual/regenerative developmental stages. This approach should be ideal to begin to characterize the biology underlying common and divergent developmental pathways in this organism, which has the potential to reveal much about basic developmental and regenerative processes in the chordates.



Tiozzo Stefano - 25/09/17

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