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Code 5V200

This course is organized by the laboratory of Developmental Biology de Vilefranche-sur-Mer. During the 2 weeks course, students belonging to the Developmental Biology specialisation take the exam of another related course (scientific analysis, (5V089)). During the 1st week, students attend several workshops and meetings with LBDV researchers. During the 2nd week, the students are allocated to the LBDV research teams where they develop a mini project. They present and defend their project on the last day at the OOV.


Student evaluation:

Students are required to present and discuss published articles describing recent major findings concerning the development of marine organisms (UE 5V051) and to present their short project based on knowledge acquired during the course (UE 5V200).

Master BMC – specialty « Biologie cellulaire, développement & cellules souches »

International Master Program « From molecular developmental biology to biomedicine, evolution and systems biology »

Semester 3 (organized in March)

Code UE 5V200, 6 ECTS

Code UE 5V051, 6 ECTS

Pedagogic contact: Carine BARREAU, MC UPMC (carine.barreau@obs-vlfr.fr)

Administrative contact: Véronique GOURBAUD (veronique.gourbaud@obs-vlfr.fr)  


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    Plaquette M2 BMC DOMO