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Mitosis and Spindle checkpoints

Team Leader

Stefania Castagnetti


Research Activity


This new group will be established with the arrival of S. Castagnetti (CR1 CNRS) in spring 2013. Its overall goal is to improve understanding of the mechanisms underlying mitotic progression and its control through the spindle checkpoint, focusing on the role played by structural mitotic components, notably the kinetochore and the centrosome. The principal experimental model of this group will initially be the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe, building on previous work and exploiting the
power of genetic manipulation to identify and characterize the molecular players. In parallel the sea urchin (P. lividus) embryo will be developed as a model for studies on checkpoint control during early stages of development where spatiotemporal aspects of spindle function can be dissected more readily.


Fuseau mitotique. centrosomes en gris, chromosomes en bleu, kinétochores en rouge, microtubules en vert.

Stefania Castagnetti - 26/09/17

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