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Historical Group Publications on other animal models

 - Machado, R, Moore, W., Hames, R., Houliston, E., Chang, P., King, ML & Woodland, HR. (2005) Xenopus Xpat protein is a major component of germ plasm and may function in its organisation and positioning. Dev Biol. 287, 289-300  MOVIES (PDF)


- Marrari, Y., Rouvière, C. & Houliston, E. (2004). Complementary roles for dynein and kinesins in the Xenopus egg cortical rotation. Dev Biol  271, 38-48 MOVIES  (PDF)


- Chang, P. Torres, J., Lewis, R. Mowry, K, Houliston, E. & King, M.-L. (2004). Localisation of Xcat2 RNA Xenopus oocytes by entrapment and association with endoplasmic reticulum. Mol. Biol. Cell . 15, 4669-4681  MOVIES  (PDF)

- Allison, R., Czaplinski, K., Git, A., Adegbenro, E., Stennard, F., Houliston, E. and Standart, N (2004) Two distinct Staufen isoforms in Xenopus are vegetally localized during oogenesis. RNA, 10, 1751-1763. (PDF)

- Beckhelling, C., Chang, P., Chevalier, S., Ford, C. & Houliston, E. (2003). Pre-MPF associates with annulate lamellae in Xenopus oocytes and egg extracts. Mol. Biol. Cell 14,1125-1137.  (PDF)

- Marrari, Y., Clarke, E.J., Rouvière, C. & Houliston, E. (2003). Analysis of microtubule movement on isolated Xenopus egg cortices provides evidence that the cortical rotation involves dynein as well as Kinesin Related Proteins and is regulated by local microtubule polymerisation. Dev. Biol . 257, 55-70. MOVIES  (PDF)  

- Pérez-Mongiovi, D., Beckhelling, C., Chang, P., Ford, C.C. & Houliston, E. (2000). Nuclei and microtubule asters stimulate maturation/M phase promoting factor (MPF) activation in Xenopus eggs and egg extracts. J. Cell Biol. 150, 963-974.  (PDF)

- Beckhelling C., Pérez-Mongiovi, D. and Houliston E. (2000). Localised MPF regulation in eggs. Biol. Cell. 92, 245-254.


- Marrari, Y., Terasaki, M., Arrowsmith ,V. & Houliston, E. (2000). Local inhibition of cortical rotation in Xenopus eggs by an anti-KRP antibody. Dev Biol 224, 250-262. MOVIES   (PDF)

Houliston, E., Marrari, Y., Pérez-Mongiovi, D. & Chang, P. (2000) Cytoplasmic reorganisations and the relocalisation of developmental determinants in Xenopus eggs Biol. Cell92,153-154

- Marrari, Y., Terasaki, M., Arrowsmith ,V. & Houliston, E. (2000). Local inhibition of cortical rotation in Xenopus eggs by an anti-KRP antibody. Dev Biol 224, 250-262. MOVIES   (PDF)


- Chang, P., Pérez-Mongiovi, D. & Houliston, E. (1999). Organisation of Xenopus oocyte and egg cortices. Microscopy Research and Techniques 44, 415-429 (PDF)

- Pérez-Mongiovi, D., Chang, P. & Houliston, E. (1998) A propagated wave of MPF activation accompanies surface contraction waves at first mitosis in Xenopus. J. Cell Sci. 111, 385-393.

Chang, P., Le Guellec, K. & Houliston, E. (1997). Immunodetection of cytoskeletal structures and the Eg5 motor protein on deep-etch replicas of Xenopus egg cortices isolated during the cortical rotation. Biol. Cell 88, 89-98.


- Rouvière, C., Houliston, E., Carré, D., Chang, P. and Sardet, C. (1995). Characteristics of pronuclear migration in Beroe ovata. Cell Motility Cytoskel. 29, 301-311

- Houliston, E., Le Guellec, R., Kress, M., Philippe, M. and Le Guellec, K. (1994). The kinesin-related protein Eg5 associates with both interphase and spindle microtubules during Xenopus early development. Dev. Biol. 164, 147-159.

- Houliston, E. (1994). Microtubule translocation and polymerisation during cortical rotation in Xenopus eggs. Development. 120, 1213-1220


- Houliston, E., Carré, D., Johnston J. A. & Sardet, C. (1993) Axis establishment and microtubule-mediated waves prior to first cleavage in Beroe ovata. Development 117, 75-87. MOVIE  (PDF)

Evelyn Houliston - 26/09/17

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