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LBDV laboratory

Genome and protein evolution in animals


Responsable de l'équipe

Richard Copley



The group is interested in reconstructing the properties of ancestral animals through the analysis of genomes, macromolecular structure and molecular interactions. We're particularly interested in the non-bilaterian animals: cnidarians, Trichoplax, ctenophores and sponges, but especially cnidarians and the nature of the cnidarian-bilaterian ancestor. We use and develop computational methods to analyse genome, transcriptome and molecular structure data, and collaborate to produce informative sequence resources from new taxa.








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Richard Copley - 04/05/21

the team group :

Richard Copley (Research Director - CNRS)

Philippe Dru (Ing- CNRS)

Jùlia Ramon (Ing - CNRS- contract)

Anna Ferraioli (PhD thesis ongoing)

Sami El Hilali (Ing - CNRS- contract)



2019 - 2020 :Adrien Bessy (IE- CDD - Corbel) - https://www.corbel-project.eu

2016 - 2018 : Coralie Horin (IE CDD - Corbel) - https://www.corbel-project.eu

2017 - 2018 : Julia Buttin (IE CDD)

2016 : Matthew Travert (M2) - https://eeb.ku.edu/matthew-travert

2015 : Severine Romano (M2)



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