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Procedure d'accueil

Incoming and departure are very important steps for the safety of the laboratory. Most accidents can be avoided by knowing good laboratory practices and risks associated with each activity.

The team leader or, where applicable, the supervisor must ensure that the person arriving safely exercise experiments in the laboratory.

What to do in case of an accident should be fully investigated, resulting in the Health and Safety Information training in the laboratory that is made systematically by the Preventing assistant (ex-ACMO) for each people arrival for a stay of at least few weeks.


The procédure of incoming is a checklist in order to see every people invoid for each service :

--> Accueil_depart_nouveaux_entrants.pdf (335 KB)


A safety training certificate has to be filled by the supervisor and the new incomer and given to the Prevening Assistant


 --> service/hygiene-securite/Attestation_formation_renforcee_poste_de_travail (303 KB)


( English version ):

--> service/hygiene-securite/GB_Safety_training_certificate.pdf (313 KB)



 Le rules are described here



Medical examinations of the health service : --> see occupational physician





Leaving :



 --> depart_personnel_unite.pdf (117 KB)








Philippe Dru - 26/09/17

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