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Chemical Risk

In case of spreading liquid, we have next to fume / hood some pads able to sorb 200 ml of  toxic / corrosive chemical liquid , or pillow that can adsorb as much as 2 liters :

Vous avez à votre disposition 2 types d'absorbants





Dimensions 18 x 38 cm; capacité

d’absorption 2 litres par oreiller.


Next, Contact the Preventing assistant - Philippe Dru,

or Sandra Chevalier (HS Contact at JM)

or Guy Lhomond (in galerians')

for helping you to embed the sorbent in an appropriate bag and for

storage before elimination .


Do not forget to decontaminate the lab bench, the ground  and tools.




Philippe Dru - 26/09/17

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Nouvel article

To Newcomers

Income and leaving are very important for the safety in the lab.

Most of accidents can be avoided by applying "good lab practices" and risks associated with each activity.

The team leader or your supervisor must ensure that the person arriving safely exercises experiments in the laboratory.

What to do in case of accident must be perfectly known, hence an introduction to Hygiene and Safety in the laboratory which is systematically made by the prevention assistant at each arrival for a stay of more than a week.

A reception procedure is planned, like a checklist, in order to pass all the administrative stages :

Accueil_depart_nouveaux_entrants.pdf (335 KB)


An attestation of enhanced safety training must be completed by the trainee and his direct supervisor, to be submitted to the Prevention assistant : here

  --> service/hygiene-securite/Attestation_formation_renforcee_poste_de_travail (303 KB)


( English version ):

--> service/hygiene-securite/GB_Safety_training_certificate.pdf (313 KB)