Programme Convergences de Sorbonnes Universités - INDIBIO Project Workshop

“Individuality and immortality : lessons from organisms with complex life cycles”

Observatoire Océanologique de Villefranche-sur mer, 7th and 8th September 2015

The workshop aims to promote discussion to explore the concepts around the themes of individuality and immortality. It will include presentations from international specialists from the worlds of Philosophy and Biology, mixed with presentations from INDIBIO project participants and their collaborators.

Monday 7th September

9:00 Introductory remarks Evelyn Houliston, University Pierre & Marie Curie – Villefranche-sur-mer
9:10 Keynote speaker: Peter Godfrey Smith, City University of New York “Complex Life Cycles and the Evolutionary Process”
10:00 Keynote speaker: Bernie Degnan, University of Queensland “Origin and evolution of self recognition in animals: conundrums and potential mechanisms”
10:30 Coffee break
10:50 Clémence Thocquenne, University Paris I Sorbonne “A philosophical way to consider the biological individual”
11:20 Lucas Leclère, Université Pierre & Marie Curie - Villefranche-sur-mer “Evolution of complex life cycles: insights from hydrozoan cnidarians”
11:50 Discussion around ideas from the first morning
12:30 Buffet lunch for all workshop attendees
14:00 Keynote speaker: Stefano Piraino, University of Lecce “Cheating death: reverse development and morph rejuvenation in cnidarian jellyfish”
14:50 Philippe Huneman, University Paris I Sorbonne “Organisms as ecosystems? An interactions-first view of individuals”
15:20 Coffee break
15:40 Michael Manuel, University Pierre & Marie Curie – Paris “Individuality in cnidarian colonies”
16:10 Nicolas Pastor, University Paris Sorbonne “Natural death as a product of constraints, contingency, and natural selection”
16:40 Discussion around ideas from the first afternoon

Evening meal (for speakers and project participants)

Tuesday 8th September

9:00 Keynote speaker: Scott Lidgard - Field Museum of Natural History – Chicago USA ”Alternation of Generations - Challenges to Individuality and the Developmental Cycle of Life in the 19th Century”
9:50 Stefano Tiozzo, Université Pierre & Marie Curie – Villefranche-sur-mer “Evolution of different developmental strategies to make the same body: lessons from sea squirts"
10:20 Coffee break
10:40 Francesca Merlin, Université Paris I Sorbonne “Developmental noise: explaining the specific heterogeneity of individual organisms”
11:10 Sandie Degnan, University of Queensland "The consequences for organismal biologists of recognizing the individual as a holobiont"
11:40 Discussion around ideas from the second morning
12:30 Buffet lunch for all workshop attendees
14:00 Keynote speaker Alessandro Minelli, Univerisity of Padova “The evolution of individuality: a farewell to immortality?”
14:50 Thomas Pradeu, Univerisity of Bordeaux “Host-symbionts interactions in the development of organisms across phyla: Ecosystemic individuality and the unifying role of the immune system”
15:20 Discussion around ideas from the two afternoon presentations
15:50 Coffee break
16:20 General Discussion: emerging ideas and future perspectives